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# Delete All PuTTY Sessions Together
putty -cleanup

View PuTTY Event log

When you are logged-in to a PuTTY SSH session, right mouse-click on the PuTTY window title, which will display PuTTY menu. Select ‘Event Log’ menu-item, which will display the following PuTTY event log window. This will be very helpful to debug any PuTTY SSH session issues.

Move Putty sessions to another computer

GeekStuff. PuTTY stores all the session information in Windows registry. On the source machine, export the PuTTY session registry information as shown below.

regedit /e "%userprofile%\desktop\putty-registry.reg" HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Simontatham
Transfer this putty-registry.reg file from source machine to destination machine. On the destination machine, import the PuTTY SSH session registry, by right mouse-click on the putty-registry.reg and click on ‘Merge’. This will transfer all the PuTTY session information from one windows system to another.