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The URL for a personal account's Project Page will be "http(s)://[hostname]/pages/username/projectname/", or "http(s)://pages.[hostname]/username/projectname/" if subdomains are enabled.

User & Organization Pages live in a special repository dedicated to GitHub Pages files. You will need to name this repository with the account name. User pages are available at "http(s)://[hostname]/pages/username" or "http(s)://pages.[hostname]/username" if subdomain support is enabled.

Project pages. You can build and publish Project Pages sites from the "master" or "gh-pages" branch. You can also publish your site from a "/docs" folder on your master branch.


Ignore whitespaces in diff github secrets.

只需要在url后面加 w=1就行啦, 比如

List commits by author

SO: github list commits by author.

Method 1: web UI

If the author has a GitHub account, just click the author's username from anywhere in the commit history, and the commits you can see will be filtered down to those by that author.

Method 2: url queryString

Just add ?author=emailaddress or ?author=githubUserName to the url when viewing the "commits" section of a repo.

Locate to specific lines

Use "#Lxxx" for this purpose. E.g.