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TAB: org-cycle
  3 states (global cycling)
    1. OVERVIEW: Show only top-level headlines.
    2. CONTENTS: Show all headlines of all levels, but no body text.
    3. SHOW ALL: Show everything.
  3 different states (local cycling)
  1. FOLDED:   Only the main headline is shown.
  2. CHILDREN: The main headline and the direct children are shown. From this state, you can move to one of the children and zoom in further.
  3. SUBTREE:  Show the entire subtree, including body text.

C-u TAB: Global cycling.
C-u C-u C-u TAB: Show all.


C-c C-n/p
  Next/Previous heading. 
C-c C-f/b
  Next/Previous heading same level. 
C-c C-u
  Backward to higher level heading.



* Top level headline
** Second level
*** 3rd level
    some text
*** 3rd level
    more text

* Another top level headline

Note that a headline named after org-footnote-section, which defaults to ‘Footnotes’, is considered as special. A subtree with this headline will be silently ignored by exporting functions.

Default visibility

When Emacs first visits an Org file, the global state is set to OVERVIEW, i.e. only the top level headlines are visible.

This can be configured through the variable org-startup-folded, or on a per-file basis by adding a startup keyword overview, content, showall, like this:

#+STARTUP: content