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Shortcuts. You can see and modify all chrome shortcuts in the bottom of extension page.

Tab position options

Alt + t Sort tab (title)
Alt + u Sort tab (url)
Alt + c = Switch between current and last active tab


// Remember to set the match in the comment head:
// @match*

// And in the settings for this script, set "Run at" to be "document-idle".

(function() {
    'use strict';
    if (location.origin!="") return;
    var images = document.getElementsByTagName('img');
    for (var i = 0; i < images.length; ++i) {
        var src_ = images[i].getAttribute('data-src');
        if (!src_) continue;
        images[i].src = src_;

Developer tools


Enable javascript source maps

Back to "Settings", in the "Preferences" tab under the header of "Sources" there’s a convenient "Enable JavaScript source maps" checkbox. Enable it. debugging react with chrome.


Find which js function is called when clicking a button breakpoints.

SO: find out what functions are called when a button is pressed.

Use "Event listener breakpoints":

1. Click the Sources tab.
2. Expand the Event Listener Breakpoints pane.
3. Choose the events to attach breakpoints.

Skipping framework js files

You can blackbox a script by right clicking on its content. See chrome devtools for "Blackbox a script".

You can blackbox by inputting file pattern:

You can skip any js file from being traced by opening developer tools (f12), hitting f1 (settings), clicking the Blackboxing menu item from left side, and entering the name of the file you want to skip:

How to see session and cookies

Goto: "Application" tab - "Storage".



When visiting "", chrome will do nothing except log "ERR_UNSAFE_PORT". In

Chrome is blocking most of the lower ports and many ports of "known" services.  With 65535 ports to choose from, there's plenty of secret, non-standard ports to use for your services that are not blocked by Chrome.

So the solution is, don't use those unsafe ports such as "6000". Use "65000" instead, for example.

Find the CPU intensive tab

Pressing Shift + Esc on Windows or Linux, will bring up the Chrome "Task Manager" with a row for each tab - you can sort by Memory, CPU and a couple of other columns.

On Mac OS X, you can find it under the "Window" menu.

Flash support

Type "about://settings", search for "flash", add the website (e.g. [*.] ) to allowed URLs.

Search bookmarks

Open Settings in Chrome and click "Manage search engines." From there, enter the name of the search and the keyword you want to use to trigger it and enter one of the following two URLs:

To search history, enter:

To search your bookmarks, enter:

To use these custom searches, enter your keyboard (or letter) in the Omnibox and hit Tab. cnet.

Click inside the OmniBar and type in the keyword you set for the search engine, hit Tab when the prompt appears and then enter what you want to search for. The search results open in a new tab in the Bookmarks manager.

View source on chrome mobile

In Firefox or Chrome on Android it's possible to view source by prefixing the URL in the address bar with "view-source:", i.e. "view-source:".