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Volleyball terms.

Volleyball skills to master.


接应, technique/right side hitter/weak side hitter





Pass, 一传

Hand shape

Reference. The pass starts with foot placement, athletic position and proper arm alignment.

Position and posture

serve-receive positioning and transitioning



Underhand serve

  1. The player holds the ball in the hand opposite from the hitting hand, i.e. a right-handed player would hold the ball in the left hand.
  2. Hold the ball below the waist and above the knee so that with bent knees, the server is in good position to get the ball over the net.



This serve allows the ball to float and wiggle in the air.

  1. Put your left foot in front of your right, about shoulder width apart.
  2. Hold the ball at about eye-level with your left hand on the bottom and your right hand on top.
  3. The toss should only be high enough so that when you pull back your right arm, the hand contacts the ball on its downward swing.
  4. Toss the ball with your left hand; pull back your right arm as far as possible and swing—but not all the way through.
  5. Stop the motion of your right arm when your hand contacts the ball, as if you’re punching the ball to the other side of the net, and don’t snap your wrist.


  1. The beginning steps for the topspin serve are just like the floater, but the toss for the topspin must be higher.
  2. Toss the ball high enough so that the right arm can come down on the ball in a snapping motion on the underside of the ball.
  3. Make sure you to snap your wrist on hard attacks. It's all in the wrist.
  4. Do not stop the motion of the right arm when it contacts the ball; rather, turn your shoulder away from the ball, swing all the way through and DO snap your wrist. Snapping your wrist will deliver a hard and fast serve to your opponent. This is very similar to a tennis serve.



WCF Note


  • 接一传要稳。重心低。做好准备姿势。看准己方防守队形。先移动脚再出手。眼睛跟球。
  • 扣球提前一点起跳。拉左臂甩右臂。看准对方防守队形。
  • 通用:预判并喊号和队友形成默契,脚步移动灵活跑到有利位置,一传重心低有翻腕抬臂动作,扣球提前跳,拉左手甩臂右手。和队友站位时保持自己的反应一跨步距离,不要太近或留空当。积极跑动向二传要球。
  • 热身:空手甩臂,弹跳,拦网弹跳
  • 肌肉兴奋。接一传起始高重心、到位后重心低,并臂翻腕,迎向二传。扣球步伐慢快快。