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Important note: Zeus doesn't support Rails 5.1. Use rails spring instead. zeus.

Zeus preloads your Rails app so that your normal development tasks such as console, server, generate, and specs/tests take less than one second.

Zeus is a language-agnostic application checkpointer for non-multithreaded applications.

Zeus requires your project to be running on a file system that supports FSEvents or inotify. This means no NFS, CIFS, Samba, or VBox/VMWare shared folders.

zeus start

zeus test test/app/controller/a_controller.rb -n test_func_a

zeus console
zeus server

zeus rake -T
zeus runner omg.rb


zeus init
#- which will create two files:
# custom_plan.rb
# zeus.json


You need to restart zeus if you make changes to various initialization files. Examples of these files include:

FactoryGirl factories
RSpec support files