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# Update conda to the current version:
conda update conda

# This creates a new environment named “snowflakes” with the program Biopython.
# By default, conda installs environments into the envs directory in your conda directory.
conda create --name snowflakes biopython
# install a different version of Python along with 2 packages named Astroid and Babel:
conda create --name bunnies python=3.5 astroid babel

# Display the environments that you have installed so far:
conda info --envs

# To activate the new environment, run the appropriate command for your operating system:
# Linux and macOS:
source activate snowflakes
# Windows:
activate snowflakes

# Make a copy of the snowflakes environment by creating a clone of it called “flowers”:
conda create --name flowers --clone snowflakes

# Delete the flowers environment:
conda remove --name flowers --all