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Quick Start adb.

# For adb binary.
export PATH=$PATH:$SDKRoot/tools

adb devices
adb help

adb push localFile remote
adb pull remoteFile local

adb install sth.apk
adb uninstall sth
# -k: keep config and cache
adb uninstall -k sth

# See log. Better in another shell.
adb logcat

# Login to shell, and then work as root
adb shell
adb root

adb remount
adb shell


brew install android-platform-tools


Failed to start daemon

SO: failed to start daemon. It is mainly because some process occupies the port. E.g. the 刷机精灵 process. 不双清数据解决谷歌套件(Gapps)刷入FC.

We often choose nano since it is the minimalist while containing all components which can't be downloaded from Google Play Store.

刷写Gapps前,请打开USB调试并在开发者选项中允许应用和调试使用Root,使用自己的计算机连接自己的手机一次. Run adb shell.