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You're sweating, working in your target heart rate zone and/or doing something to strengthen your body.

Strength training (lifting weights) is critical if you want to lose weight.

Lifting weights

Lifting weights can:

Basic questions: what exercises should you do? How many sets and reps? How much weight?

Choose strength exercises that are multi-joint exercises rather than single joint movements. For example, choose a squat over a leg extension (much more likely to simulate real life or real sports movements).
Three to five high intensity exercises is about right.
The optimal time for a full strength training workout at high intensity is about 30 minutes.

Most strength workouts are build around the concept of short, high intensity weight workouts followed by one to two days of rest to let the muscles rebuild and become stronger.
Research shows that muscles continue to build fibers and become stronger for up to a week after a workout that is performed to muscle failure.

How many sets of an exercise to do? The bottom line is if you can do one set to exhaustion, that is probably enough.
The reason many people need to do multiple sets is that they didn't perform the first one at maximum intensity, and the biggest reason is safety. Performing one set of maximum effort can increase your risk of injury if you haven't thoroughly warmed up or if you don't use perfect lifting technique. Sometimes it's smart to use a set to make sure you don't over-lift (lift more than you are capable of lifting in a safe manner).
Research backs up the idea that one set training produces the same strength gains as multiple sets and it does this in less time.


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