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Eat a rainbow of colored vegetables, drizzle and splash healthy oils on top, sprinkle on seeds and nuts.


中国一年级的数学题 “大白 + 大白 = 白胖胖,求大、白、胖分别是哪3个数字” Exorcism with Chinese characteristics now being used to 'cure' homosexuality Man flees from his car following collision, trunk found stuffed with dog carcasses. carcass n the dead body of an animal especially one slaughtered and dressed for food syn : carcase, carcass. Fraudster disguised as soldier arrested for swindling female students out of money. swindle n the act of swindling by some fraudulent scheme "that book is a fraud" syn : swindle, cheat, rig extrication n the act of releasing from a snarled or tangled condition syn : unsnarling, untangling, disentanglement, extrication. inextricable adj not permitting extrication; incapable of being disentangled or untied "an inextricable knot" "inextricable unity" syn : inextricable ant : extricable normative adj relating to or dealing with norms "normative discipline" "normative samples" syn : normative. 1. Introduction. This section is non-normative dubious muckraker rebuttal

























  • yeoman. Noun 1. officer in the (ceremonial) bodyguard of the British monarch 2. in former times was free and cultivated his own land. yeoman farmer.
  • yucky. /ˈjʌki/. adjective informal. Messy or disgusting. "yucky green-grey slushy cabbage" 1. 令人讨厌



    Bar - a place/counter licensed and stocked to sell alcohol.
    Pub - a public house where drinks may be bought or served. Mostly they will have finger food (and in certain cases entertainment like sports pubs, themed pubs.. pool tables etc ).
    Lounge - same like pub only More couches, more cocktails and relaxing background music. One word - comfort.
    Disco/Discothèque - is a place to dance...has mostly all the above plus good place to get your date here or find a date here.
    Club - is a "private house" - a licensed premises for which membership is required to enter.


    水仙百合 Peru Lilly Narcissus lilly Bulbus Lilii


    risotto. /rɪˈzɒtəʊ/. noun. An Italian dish of rice cooked in stock with ingredients such as vegetables and meat or seafood. "he might cook a large risotto"

    Sauerkraut (/ˈsaʊ.ərkraʊt/; German: [ˈzaʊɐˌkʁaʊt], lit. 'sour cabbage'[1]) is finely cut raw cabbage that has been fermented by various lactic acid bacteria.[2][3] It has a long shelf life and a distinctive sour flavor, both of which result from the lactic acid formed when the bacteria ferment the sugars in the cabbage leaves. preserving cabbages and turnips with salt.

    Kimchi (/ˈkɪmtʃiː/; Korean: 김치, translit. gimchi, IPA: [kim.tɕʰi]), a staple in Korean cuisine, is a famous[1] traditional side dish made from salted and fermented vegetables, most commonly napa cabbage and Korean radishes, with a variety of seasonings, including gochugaru (chili powder), scallions, garlic, ginger, and jeotgal (salted seafood). 韩国泡菜

    A schnitzel is meat, usually thinned by pounding with a meat tenderizer, that is fried in some kind of oil or fat. The term is most commonly used to refer to meats coated with flour, beaten eggs and bread crumbs, and then fried, but some variants such as Walliser Schnitzel are not breaded. 炸肉排

    A patty, in American, Canadian, South African, Australian and New Zealand English, is a flattened, usually round, serving of ground meat or meat alternatives. The meat is compacted and shaped, cooked, and served. 小馅饼

    Gravy is a sauce often made from the juices of meats that run naturally during cooking and thickened with wheat flour or corn starch for added texture. In the United States and Singapore, the term can refer to a wider variety of sauces.

    Bratwurst is a type of German sausage made from veal, beef, or most commonly pork. The name is derived from the Old High German Brätwurst, from brät-, finely chopped meat, and Wurst, sausage, although in modern German it is often associated with the verb braten, to pan fry or roast. Short as Brats.


    The meridian system is a concept in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) about a path through which the life-energy known as "qi" flows.


    stoner jacket drugs A jacket like a Baja Hoodie (Drug Rug) that people who smoke weed use to smoke in. This is mainly due to the fact that it's basically a blanket hoodie, that absorbs a lot of the odor/smoke. tuxedo /tʌkˈsiːdəʊ/ a man's dinner jacket. synonyms: formal wear; Tuxedo vs Suit A lot of people wear suits every day. You can go to the grocery store wearing a suit and nobody will think it’s at all strange. The point of a tuxedo isn’t just to dress up and look nice. The point is to commemorate a special occasion by wearing something special that you wouldn’t wear anywhere else. blazer /ˈbleɪzə/ noun a coloured jacket worn by schoolchildren or sports players as part of a uniform. a plain jacket not forming part of a suit but considered appropriate for formal wear.


    Occam's razor is a logical principle attributed to the mediaeval philosopher William of Occam (or Ockham). The principle states that one should not make more assumptions than the minimum needed. This principle is often called the principle of parsimony. It underlies all scientific modelling and theory building.


    Synonyms for blow job:
    * Knobber
    * Fellatio is an oral sex act involving the use of the mouth or throat, usually performed by a person on the penis of another person. If performed on oneself, the act is called autofellatio.

    Phrases,短语, idioms

    • a rule of thumb. "A popular article by Jamis Buck proposes a rule of thumb for good Rails design: Resources should never be nested more than 1 level deep."
    • all hands meeting. 全体会议
    • all time favorite. (expr.) favorite of all choices, during all times. "Mexican food is my all time favorite for any meal. Nothing will ever be better."
    • at odds. "She is at odds with her boss." 她与上司不和。
    • a variety of.
    • 货比三家. "Prices may vary so it's well worth shopping around before you buy. 价格可能会有高有低,所以在买之前很有必要货比三家。" "Kelly went comparison shopping for CD players to get the best price. 凯丽买CD播放器时货比三家,以求拿到最优惠的价格."
    • Beats me. Could come from beating information out of someone. When someone is holding back information, they would get beat until they tell the answer. In this case, the person could be saying that even if I was beaten, I wouldn't know. Therefore, it became popular to say "beats me" to indicate you do not know. "It beats me how they finished before us." "Beats me why he was so mean to you." "Beats me how she found out we did it." "Beats me, I guess he has been training really hard."
    • due diligence. noun. LAW. 1. Reasonable steps taken by a person to avoid committing a tort or offence. 2. a comprehensive appraisal of a business undertaken by a prospective buyer, especially to establish its assets and liabilities and evaluate its commercial potential. 尽职调查
    • elbow at (one's) elbow: Close at hand; nearby. out at the elbows: 1. Poorly dressed. 2. Lacking money.
    • for the record. so that the true facts are recorded or known. "for the record, I have never been to the flat"
    • good riddance. Said to express relief at being free of a troublesome or unwanted person or thing (表达庆幸)谢天谢地总算摆脱了(讨厌的人或事物). "'Good - by and good riddance!' she said to him angrily as he left. 他离开时, 她生气地冲他说: “ 再见,你可算走了! ”"
    • heads-up. /ˈhɛdzʌp/ informal noun. 1. an advance warning of something. "the heads-up came just in time to stop the tanks from launching the final assault" adjective 1. showing alertness or perceptiveness. "they played a very heads-up game."
    • icing on the cake. 锦上添花 "An unlocked computer is the icing on the cake."
    • in full swing. "Preparations for our party are in full swing. We listen and deliver and you can already get a glimpse of what to expect in the party."
    • lip service. 口惠 If you say that someone pays lip service to an idea, you are critical of them because they say they are in favour of it, but they do not do anything to support it. "All the parties had done no more than pay lip service to environmental issues. 对环境问题,各方都是口惠而实不至。"
    • on the cusp of. "I am sitting on the cusp of middle age. 我将步入中年。" "we are on the cusp of switching the project over to Python 3."
    • on the fence (about something). Fig. undecided about something. (*Typically: be ~; sit ~.) "Ann is on the fence about going to Mexico." "I wouldn't be on the fence. I'd love to go."
    • "Passengers must show their tickets on demand. 查票时乘客须出示车票." "This check is payable on demand. 这是一张见票即付的支票." "The company's actuarial report is available on demand. 该公司的精算报告可随时索取。"
    • poster child. "Zidane has become the poster child for a whole generation of French-born youths of North African extraction. 齐达内已成为在法国出生、有着北非血统的年轻一代的典范。"
    • under lock and key. "She would keep any sensitive documents under lock and key. 她总是把任何机密文件都锁得好好的."
    • rain check. A ticket given for later use when a sporting fixture or other outdoor event is interrupted or postponed by rain.
    • smoking gun. noun. A piece of incontrovertible incriminating evidence. "the trial's long-awaited smoking gun failed to surface". The term "smoking gun" is a reference to an object or fact that serves as conclusive evidence of a crime or similar act, just short of being caught in flagrante delicto.
    • time off in lieu. noun /ˌtaɪm ɒf ɪn ˈljuː/. Time that an employee who has worked extra hours may take off from work. "Where eligible members of staff have worked agreed additional hours above their normal working week, the University offers time off in lieu."
    • You bet, 当然 Will you tell her? You bet. 你会告诉他吗?当然。 Can you do it? You bet. 这件事你能做吗?当然行。
    have the guts (to do something)
    To have enough courage, conviction, or resolve (to do something).
    You're always talking about quitting your job, but I don't think you have the guts.
    I know it can be difficult, but you've got to have the guts to stand up for your beliefs!
    Status quo is a Latin phrase meaning the existing state of affairs, particularly with regard to social or political issues. In the sociological sense, it generally applies to maintain or change existing social structure and values.
    "a highly regarded colleague who tirelessly challenges the status quo to advance an entrepreneurial culture at our company that bets boldly on big ideas."


    CVE. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) system provides a reference-method for publicly known information-security vulnerabilities and exposures. The National Cybersecurity FFRDC, operated by the Mitre Corporation, maintains the system, with funding from the National Cyber Security Division of the United States Department of Homeland Security. wikipedia.
    EOL - end of life.
    IIRC - If I Recall Correctly.
    ISV: independent software vendor, e.g. Microsoft Exchange. what does the ng suffix mean. ng: next-generation.
    MTTR: mean time to repair.
    POC: Proof Of Concept.
    PTO: Paid Time Off.
    REPL: A read–eval–print loop (REPL), also termed an interactive toplevel or language shell.
    RSVP is an initialism derived from the French phrase Répondez s'il vous plaît, meaning "Please respond" to require confirmation of an invitation.
    RTFM: read the fucking manual / man page.
    ROTFL: rolling on the floor laughing.
    TBA: to be announced. TBC: to be confirmed. TBD.
    TGIF: Thank God It's Friday.
    YMMV: Your mileage may vary.
    MVP: most valuable points.


    • predecessor, ancestor; successor, descendant.
    • anarchy. n. Economic anarchy scourged the post-war world. 经济混乱使得战后的世界陷入水深火热之中。The overthrow of the military regime was followed by a period of anarchy. 军事统治政权被推翻以后,接着是一段时期的无政府状态。
    • Trained obstetrician and gynecologist. gynecologist, [ ˌgaɪnə'kɒlədʒɪst ], 妇科医生。obstetrician, [ ˌɑ:bstəˈtrɪʃn ] 产科医师。
    • The fallopian tubes connect the ovaries with the uterus. 输卵管连接着卵巢和子宫。
    • TMZ reports that the socialite spent almost an hour in a crowded lift after security and mechanics fail to open the doors. While relatively calm at the beginning, Paris gets gradually more and more panicked as the group remain trapped. "I can't believe I'm stuck in the elevator right now" the blonde heiress says as cellphone ringtones can be heard going off around her. As things progress and mechanics fail to rescue the group, Paris and the other occupants start to swear. One man eventually managed to risk life and limb to pry the door open and then threw up afterwards according to other passengers at the scene.
      A socialite is a person who attends many fashionable upper-class social events and who is well known because of this.
      An heiress is a woman or girl who has the right to inherit property or a title, or who has inherited it, especially when this involves great wealth. [ˈeəres]
      If someone pries, they try to find out about someone else's private affairs, or look at their personal possessions. 窥探。If you pry something open or pry it away from a surface, you force it open or away from a surface. 翘动。
    • After touching down in China, Paris Hilton was quick to experience the country's somewhat lax safety standards, filming the commotion after she found herself stuck in an elevator. A commotion is a lot of noise, confusion, and excitement.
    • Woman claims to have dated the Dalai Lama in highly questionable, potentially defamatory. Speech or writing that is defamatory is likely to damage someone's good reputation by saying something bad and untrue about them. 诬蔑,毁谤。 [dɪˈfæmətri]
    • Camouflage consists of things such as leaves, branches, or brown and green paint, which are used to make it difficult for an enemy to see military forces and equipment. E.g. PLA gets caught posting pictures of 'Chinese soldiers' in camouflage snatched from US hunting magazine.
    • If you snatch something or snatch at something, you take it or pull it away quickly, or by force.
    • If you snub someone, you deliberately insult them by ignoring them or by behaving or speaking rudely towards them. "Xi Jinping snubs Manchester United, plans to visit City instead during UK visit."
    • meltdown, n. a disaster comparable to a nuclear meltdown. "there is little likelihood of a meltdown comparable to the American banking collapse in March 1933" "Shanghai dad has public meltdown after daughter accepts Japanese boyfriend's proposal."
    • infatuate, v. arouse unreasoning love or passion in and cause to behave in an irrational way. "His new car has infatuated him" "love has infatuated her".
    • Unsuspecting teen has throat slit from behind at Dongguan web cafe. unsuspecting, adj. not suspicious. "deceiving the unsuspecting public"
    • sdk: software development kit.
    • 'mitigate, vt. to make less severe: to mitigate a punishment.
    • epitomize, |ɪˈpɪtəmʌɪz, ɛ-| (also epitomise) verb [ with obj. ] be a perfect example of: the company epitomized the problems faced by British industry.
    • This is why you shouldn't fiddle around with your phone when crossing the road.
    • Shandong hotpot restaurant offers discounts for women in skimpy skirts.
    • Wuhan driver narrowly escapes death after falling bamboo scaffolding impales car roof.
    • Six Chinese nationals charged with economic espionage by U.S.
    • 249kg of pangolin scales seized by Shanghai customs.
    • Boy electrocuted after urinating on roadside, taxi driver dashes through 4 red lights to save him.
    • 单页(Brochure/ DA-Detailing Aids).
    • boilerplate. 1 [ mass noun ] rolled steel plates for making boilers. 2. standardized pieces of text for use as clauses in contracts or as part of a computer program. some sections have been written as boilerplate for use in all proposals 样板文件。
    • brew.
    • Pilot of TransAsia Airways plane hailed a hero.
    • Sichuan 'burglar couple' celebrates theft with smooch at scene of crime.
    • Also, this concept for an adult video sounds even more traumatizing than that execution-inspired fetish porn.
    • Henan taxi driver arrested on suspicion of espionage.
    • Hong Kong man jailed for incest after impregnating teenage daughter.
    • Lovelorn university student survives after jumping from school building.
    • Mannequin: A mannequin (also called a manikin, dummy, lay figure or dress form) is an often articulated doll used by artists, tailors, dressmakers, windowdressers and others especially to display or fit clothing.
    • It's a truism that we should choose the right tool for the job.
    • rebut, vt. Claim or prove that (evidence or an accusation) is false. "He had to rebut charges of acting for the convenience of his political friends." "As a subdiscipline of project management, some regard the management of software development akin to the management of manufacturing, which can be performed by someone with management skills, but no programming skills. John C. Reynolds rebuts this view, and argues that software development is entirely design work, and compares a manager who cannot program to the managing editor of a newspaper who cannot write."
    • stutter, vi, to speak with difficulty because you cannot stop yourself from repeating the first consonant of some words, 口吃。
    • 'faucet, n. 龙头; 插口; 旋塞。
    • Hunan farmer forced to cull 173 cows as dairy market suffers downturn. cull: reduce the population of (a wild animal) by selective slaughter.
    • Man poses next to Shanghai Metro security with bag of weapons to 'taunt' officials.
    • Horrific blaze breaks out at furniture factory in Xiamen.
    • "French artist creates an all-female Terracotta Army." terracotta 陶, terracotta army 兵马俑。
    • "While others have raised eyebrows at her penchant for dressing in short skirts and letting her hair fall loose even while conducting scientific experiments, most netizens can't seem to get enough."
    • "Ms Deng originally hails from Sichuan province".
    • "He grinned at her then brandished his knife, leaving a small cut on her elbow. Fortunately, she didn't require stitches."
    • "Wife of actor Zhao Benshan wins back $395k in court after shady Porsche sale"
    • "As any kid who's too young to brag about meeting the president on various forms of social media would do, she took to her diary to write about the exciting ordeal."
    • Seconds later, a commenter remarked upon the spontaneous act of chivalry, saying,"Putin has just placed his coat around Peng Liyuan's body."
    • "US bid for Chinese tourists with extended visa deal."
    • "Sassy panda refuses medical examination, sticks tongue out."
    • Bizarre 'parting ceremony' held in Wenzhou to end an extramarital affair.
    • Student throws scalding hot water on professor after he hassles her for being lat
    • Thankfully, this Taobao model store is all about equal-opportunity ickiness: male models are for sale too. And the pouting. Oh the pouting...
    • 3 bodies found floating in Shanghai creek.
    • 3-year-old panda rescued after marten attack in Sichuan.
    • Taiwanese man sniffs shitloads of glue, calls paramedics to save his 'alien friend'.
    • The more math/physics you do, the more you look at biologists the way biologists look at astrologists.
    • Spark from welding gear caused Shanghai hospital blaze.
    • Variadic, adj. In computer science, an operator or function is variadic if it can take a varying number of arguments; that is, if its arity is not fixed.
    • Kuomintang suffers severe setback in Taiwan polls; premier quits after poll loss.
    • Taiwan heads to the polls, KMT vote apparently faltering
    • eavesdrop, verb. Secretly listen to a conversation. "My father eavesdropped on my phone calls."
    • squat, 蹲。"To do this effectively, choose the whole-body push exercise that is generally considered the king of all lifts: the squat 蹲举式举重."
    • triceps, n. 肱三头肌。
    • antler, n. 鹿角。
    • flex, v. 弯曲(关节); 收缩(肌肉); 显示力量
    • AED(automated external defibrillator 自动除颤器
    • "Peeping tom landlord installs one-way mirror, pinhole camera to spy on female tenants."
    • atrocious, a'trocious adj, extremely bad. 太坏了的。
    • "Xi'an restaurant doles out free lunch, diners bow to Confucius portrait before meal."
    • "Shandong man quits job to marry, take care of cancer-stricken girlfriend."
    • prosperous, adj. Having success usually by making a lot of money.
    • "Hunan villagers turn to manure-soaked water as cure for cancer." manure, n, waste matter from animals that is mixed with soil to improve the soil and help plants grow 有机肥料。
    • "Rmb200m stashed in official's home. China's biggest note is Rmb100: must've been huge pile of cash." stash, vt, [informal] to store something secretly or safely somewhere.
    • "Wonderfully terrified reactions to zombie prank on Shanghai Metro." prank, /præŋk/ n [C], a trick, especially one which is played on someone to make them look silly.
    • "A scrapped IPO offers a raw look at China's rampant overfishing of tuna." scrap n. A small piece or bit. vt. Break down into parts for disposal or salvage. scrapped adj. 报废的。"This machine is so old that it will soon have to be scrapped." 这架机器太旧,快报废了。rampant, adj, unrestrained. "A rampant growth of weeds in the neglected yard."
    • "Shenyang car careens off bridge, all passengers are fine." careen, vt, To cause (a ship) to lean to one side; tilt.
    • "Ten hours later, she returned to her room in a state of delirium and covered with bruises." delirium n 精神错乱说胡话。bruise, n 瘀伤 An injury to underlying tissues or bone in which the skin is not broken。
    • "She got a broom from the outside and wielded it all around the room." broom n, a large brush with a long handle, used for sweeping floors 扫帚; 金雀花。
    • "After a lovely dinner, the pair planned to go on a moonlit stroll when the man decided this was the perfect time to insult his new female friend's baby-making abilities." stroll vi, n, to walk somewhere in a slow relaxed way 散步。
    • "she's nice and all, but she isn't well-suited for him."
    • "And in response, he pushed her to the ground and they engaged in a good old fashioned tussle, which was broken up when the police arrived." tussle n a fight using a lot of energy, in which two people get hold of each other and struggle 扭打.
    • "The 8th China International Pole-dancing Competition was hosted in Beijing on Wednesday, bringing in contestants from Russia, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong—all of whom share the skill of bending and contorting their bodies in ways which we cannot fathom." contort vt, become twisted or make sth twisted out of its natural or normal shape. fathom n 深度单位-寻 about 1.8m。 vt, understand what something means after thinking about it carefully 看穿。
    • hearty. adj. Done or expressed in a very open, cheerful, and energetic way.
    • break a leg. 祝好运;大获成功(用于祝愿演员演出成功)。"This is your big chance. Go no out there and break a leg!"
    • godspeed. n. A prosperous journey (祝愿)成功,平安. "A hearty Godspeed was extended to all the departing troops." "We bade / wished her godspeed , ie said farewell to her." 我们祝她一路顺风。
    • cougar, n. 1.熟女。An older woman seeking a sexual relationship with a young man. 2. 美洲狮。
    • sane, adj. 1. of sound mind; not mad or mentally ill. "Hard work kept me sane." 2. Reasonable or sensible. "Doing a git revert makes new commits to remove old commits in a way that keeps everyone's history sane."
    • bourgeoisie, bʊəʒwɑ:'zi:, n. 1. The middle class. 2. (in Marxist contexts) the capitalist class. "Mao's wife enjoyed her bourgeoisie lifestyle while Its people were starving to death."
    • denunciation. n. public condemnation of someone or something. "38 years ago today on 21 October 1976, China began a nationwide campaign of denunciations against the Gang of Four."
    • Venice, n, 威尼斯。
    • discreet, adj. Careful and prudent in one's speech or actions, especially in order to keep something confidential or to avoid embarrassment: we made some discreet inquiries. "The SSL 'handshake' process, which establishes the secure session, takes place discreetly behind the scene without interrupting the consumer's shopping experience."
    • clam.
    • bleach.
    • perch.
    • heist.
    • prankster.
    • rampage
    • incinerate.
    • brawl.
    • piggyback.
    • hassel.
    • scantily
    • euphemism.
    • grovel.
    • porter.
    • trek.
    • burgler.
    • inscrutable.
    • thrill through.
    • scammer
    • frothy.
    • swindle.
    • crony.
    • genau.
    • clergy.
    • diarrhea.
    • hone.
    • agnostic.
    • puncture. "His book punctures earlier assumptions about the benevolence of advanced capitalism and forecasts sharply increasing inequality of wealth in industrialized countries, with deep and deleterious impact on democratic values of justice and fairness."
    • blockbuster. "In his new book Capital in the Twenty-First Century (Harvard University Press), Mr. Piketty, 42, has written a blockbuster, at least in the world of economics."
    • incongruous. "College football might seem an incongruous place to look for a learning model, but a conversation with Coach Vince Dooley about the University of Georgia's practice regime provides an intriguing case."
    • leverage. vt. Use sth to maximum advantage. "The organization needs to leverage its key resources."
    • bulldoze. vt. 1. Remove or flattern sth with a bulldozer. bulldozer, 推土机. 2. Force sb to do sth. "They bulldozed me into signing the agreement."
    • derail, vt. Cause to run off the tracks.
    • enroll, vi. vt. Register formally as a participant or member. "He enrolled in drama school."
    • leash, n. Restraint consisting of a rope used to restrain an animal.
    • kecab, n. A dish of pieces of meat, fish or vegetables roasted or grilled on a skewer or spit. 烤串。
    • ilk, n. A type of person or thing similar to one already referred to. 同类。 "Is the Social media and its ilk fulfilling Alfred Nobel's dream?" "There was music by Parry and Elgar and others of that ilk."
    • carp, n. A deep-bodied freshwater fish, typically with barbels around the mouth. 鲤鱼。
    • scuffle, n. A short, confused fight or struggle at close quarters. "Scuffles break out at Hong Kong protest site as anti-Occupy groups rush barricades."
    • requisite, adj. Made necessary by particular circumstances or regulations. "The application will not be processed until the requisite fee is paid."
    • overkill, ['overkill], n, excessive use, treatment or action. "Animators now face a dilemma of technology overkill." "X.500 has been found to be overkill in many situations. So LDAP comes out."
    • malevolent, [ma'levolent], adj. Having or showing a wish to do evil to others. "The glint of dark, malevolent eyes."
    • ostentatious, adj. Characterized by pretentious or showy display. 炫耀的。"A simple design that is glamorous without being ostentatious.". "He gave an ostentatious yawn." 他张扬地打了个哈欠。
    • sturgeon, n, 鲟。
    • Lanxiang Vocational School, 蓝翔技校。
    • hawker. n. A person travels around selling goods, typically advertising by shouting. 小贩。
    • astute. adj. 敏锐的。having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one's advantage. "an astute businessman".
    • duffel. n. A coarse woollen cloth with a thick nap. 粗尼。"A duffel hat."
    • predicate. n 谓语. vt. 断言。
    • maple. noun. 枫树。
    • tout. vt. attempt to sell, esp. by a direct or persistent approach. 招徕。
    • stereotactic. adj. 立体定位的。
    • kudos. mass noun. 'kju:des. Praise and honour received for an achievement. "She was looking for kudos rather than profit."
    • be'nevolent. adj. Well meaning and kindly. 仁爱的。"A benevolent smile." "a benevolent fund."
    • lick. vt. Pass the tongue over. "He licked the stamp and stuck it on the envelope."
    • unabashed. adj. Not embarassed. "He is unabashed by the furore his words provoked."
    • connote. vt. Imply or suggest. "The term 'modern science' usually connotes a complete openness to empirical testing."
    • levonorgestrel. A synthetic hormone with similar effect with progesterone.
    • uterine. adj, relating to the uterus or womb. "uterine involution", "uterine contraction".
    • involution. noun, the shrinkage of an organ.
    • post-partum. adj. Following childbirth. "The custom of postpartum abstinence."
    • exacerbate. vt. Make sth worse. "Rising inflation is exacerbated by the collapse of oil prices."
    • audacity. noun. 1. a willingness to take bold risks. 大胆。 2. Rude or disrespectful behaviour, impudence. 鲁莽。"He had the audacity to say I was too fat."
    • asphyxiate
    • disparate. adj. 1. essentially different in kind, and not comparable. "They inhabit disparate worlds of thought". 2. Containing elements very different from one another. "A culturally disparate country".
    • attune. vt. 1. Make receptive or aware. "A society more attuned to consumerism than ideology." 2. Accustom or acclimatize. "Students are not attuned to making decisions." 3. Make harmonious. "The interests of East and West are now closes attuned."
    • ideology. n. A system of ideas and ideals. 思想。
    • thumbnail. noun. usu. as modifier. A very small or concise description. "a thumbnail sketch". "thumbnail( image)", 缩略图。
    • progestin. n. Another form of progestogen, a steroid hormone. progesterone 孕酮: a hormone that maintains pregnancy and prevents further ovulation during pregnancy.
    • fraught with. adj. Filled with (sth undesirable).
    • fraught. adj. Causing or affected by anxiety or stress. "She was a bit fraught."
    • omnibus. noun. A volume containing several books previously published separately. 合辑。
    • cubicle. noun. A small partitioned-off area of room, esp. for shower or toilet, or a working desk in an office. 办公间。
    • binocular. adj. Adapted for or using both eyes. "a binocular microscope".
    • daunting. adj. Seeming difficult to deal with in prospect.
    • daunt. vt. Make sb feel intimidated or apprehensive. "Some people are daunted by technology."
    • apprehensive. adj. 1. Anxious or fearful that something bad or upleasant will happen. 担心的,忧虑的 2. (rare) Relating to perception or understanding.
    • frugal. adj. 1. Sparing or economocal as regards money or food. "I was a bit too frugal to splash out on design clothes." 2. Simple, plain and costing little. "A frugal meal."
    • intimidate. vt. Frighten or overawe sb, esp. in order to make them do what one wants. 威胁,恐吓。
    • nationalist. n. 1. A person who advocates political independence for a country. 2. A patriot, eps. who believes in the superiority of their country over others. 民族独立主义者,民族/爱国主义者。
    • decubitus. [di'kju:bitəs]. noun. the posture of lying down. "decubitus left" 左卧。
    • segue. ['segwei]. vi. (in music and film) move without interruption from one piece to another.
    • sturgeon. noun. A very large primitive fish with bony plates on the body. 鲟鱼。
    • eschew. vt. deliberately avoid, abstain from. "He appealed to the crowd to eschew violence."
    • gourd. noun. 1. a fleshy fruit with a hard skin. 2. a drinking or water container made from the hollowed and dried skin of a gourd. 葫芦。
    • appropriation. n. 1. The action of appropriating sth, 挪用。"dishonest appropriation of property". 2. A sum of money allocated officially for a particular use. 拨款。
    • annex. v and noun. Add an extra/subordinate part.
    • provision. vt. 向……供应(粮食)。
    • prorate. vt, usu. passive. Calculate a charge or price due to the actual amount of service provided rather than by a standard sum. 按服务收费。
    • brunette. noun and adj. 深色发肤的(人)。
    • fasting. Abstaining from food, usually for religious or ethical reasons. 斋戒。
    • frenzy. U. state of extreme excitement, in which one can't control his/her behavior.
    • idiosyncrasy. n. a characteristic, or the like, that is peculiar to an individual. 特质。"The book is a gem of Victorian idiosyncrasy. 这本书展现了维多利亚时代特色的精华。"
    • brag
    • douchebag
    • lukewarm. adj. slightly warm, tepid. 微温的。
    • lucrative. adj. producing much money. 有利可图的。"a lucrative business."
    • pussy
    • savvy. (slang, U) common sense. (俚语,不可数)常识。
    • slutty
    • hare. noun. Bounding mammal whose young are born fully haired. 野兔
    • come by 从旁走过,得到。
    • insanity. 精神失常的抗辩 a plea in a court of law that a crime was due to the defendant having a mental disorder.
    • paranoia (受迫害)偏执狂,自大妄想狂。多疑。
    • heinous. adj. very shocking and immoral. "a heinous crime" 令人发指的犯罪。
    • recess. U and C. a time during the day or year when no work is done, esp. in parliament, law courts etc. "Parliament's summer recess."
    • yearn. vi. literary, have a strong desire for sth, esp. sth that is difficult or impossible to get.
    • amorphous, 无定形的。
    • molestation. molest, vt. to attack or harm somebody, esp a child, by touching them in a sexual way or by trying to have sex with them. "men who molest young boys" 男童猥亵。
    • obscene. adj. relating to sex in a shocking and offensive way. 猥亵的 "obscene gestures".
    • oxymoron
    • mesoscope
    • appliance
    • ptychography
    • fatigue
    • miraculous
    • bun
    • tapas
    • hammock
    • ingenious
    • sling
    • fugitive. noun. person who is running away or escaping. 逃亡者。adj. being of short duration,转瞬即逝的. "fugitive thoughts".
    • troll. vi. fish with a rod and line by pulling bait through the water behind a boat. 拖钓。"trolling for pike 拖钓狗鱼". noun. (in Scandinavian myths) evil giant or mischievous but friendly dwarf,山精(邪恶巨怪或顽皮的侏儒)。
    • plumber. noun. a dealer or worker in lead. 水管工。
    • innocuous. adj. 1. causing no harm. 2. not intended to offend. "innocuous snake".
    • hail. noun. frozen rain falling in a shower. 冰雹。"a hail of bullets, blows, curses", "Stones hailed down on them".
    • behemoth. noun. 1. a mighty animal described in Job. 2. sth of monstrous size or power. 巨兽。
    • prank. noun. playful or mischievous trick. 恶作剧。"a childish prank", "play a prank on sb".
    • compliance. noun. 1. The act of complying. 2. The ability of an object to yield elastically when a force is applied. "Compliance is expected of all members. 全员要求遵守规定。"
  • Chinglish


    Visa Letter=派遣函=公司准假信
    Employment Letter(在职证明)
    Income Statement(收入证明)


    I don't like escalator — I'll climb the stairs.
    Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period
    生肖 Chinese Zodiac
    What is my Chinese Zodiac animal? Ox.
    If silly Sally will shilly - shally, shall silly Willy - nilly Shilly - shally , too?
    如果愚蠢的萨莉犹豫不决, 愚蠢的威利也将不容分辩的犹豫不决?
    He who has wealth speaks louder than others.
    have very deep pockets.
    Lighting / burning the incense 点香.
    Pay respect to Heaven- 先拜天公.


    shrimp paste  虾酱
    Green-shelled Mussel 青口贝
    roast chicken
    agaric [英][ˈæɡərik]. A fungus with a fruiting body that resembles the ordinary mushroom, having a convex or flattened cap with gills on the underside.
    black fungus
    white fungus
    Economic crops are mainly walnuts, stria party, pepper, Fritillaria, honey, gastrodin.
    经济作物主要有核桃, 纹党, 花椒 、 贝母 、 蜂蜜 、 天麻.
    2.Fermented watercress, Chinese prickly ash, chili powder, salt, soy sauce, and adequate.
    豆豉、豆瓣 、 辣椒粉 、 花椒粉 、 盐 、 酱油各适量.
    congee; gruel; porridge
    millet gruel 小米粥
    porridge 麦片粥
    pickle, souse, salt, cure blo
    Don't use pickled beetroot, but buy it uncooked and cook it yourself.
    The fish or seafood is heavily salted with pure sodium chloride.
    Leave to marinade for 24 hours.


    itch, tickle
    My skin was hard and scaly and I itched. 我的皮肤又硬又粗糙,而且还很痒。
    I had to wear long sleeves to stop myself scratching. 我只好穿上长袖衣服以免自己挠痒。
    Scratch my back—I've got an itch. 帮我挠挠背——有点痒。
    plantar fascia [ˈplæntə ˈfæʃi:ə] 跖腱膜。
    bunion [ˈbʌnjən] n.拇囊,脚趾囊肿。
    [医]dental ulcer
    oral ulcer
    龋齿 [qǔ chǐ]
    tooth decay
    dental caries
    decayed tooth
    itch; tickle ;
    My skin was hard and scaly and I itched. 我的皮肤又硬又粗糙,而且还很痒。
    I had to wear long sleeves to stop myself scratching. 我只好穿上长袖衣服以免自己挠痒。
    Scratch my back — I've got an itch. 帮我挠挠背——有点痒。
    White was both visionary and rationalist.
    2.the most far-sighted of politicians


    Type                        Meat  Fish  Milk  Eggs
    Omnivore                    yes   yes    yes  yes
    Ovo-Lacto-Pesco vegetarian  no    yes    yes  yes
    Ovo-Lacto vegetarian        no    no     yes  yes
    Ovo vegetarian              no    no     no   yes
    Lacto vegetarian            no    no     yes  no
    Vegan                       no    no     no   no
    bed linen
    The bed linen is patterned in stylish checks, stripes, diagonals and triangles. 床单有漂亮的方格形、条纹、斜纹和三角形图案。
    be there or be square
    Be there or you're being a square, because you're not a-round, man."
    farewell lunch 欢送午宴
    We have consonance 我们心有灵犀
    Don't worry about me, I am having intravenous drip at hospital every morning.
    你不用担心, 我现在每天早上都在医院挂点滴。
    hunger breeds discontentment
    Food is the first necessity of the people.
    quilt, duvet
    Imagine users as very intelligent but very busy. 将用户想像成非常聪明但非常忙的人。
    If we imagine our application as a house, each window is a separate room. 如果我们将程序想像成一所房子, 每个窗口则是一个单独的房间。
    nurture the habit of using courteous formulae 养成使用礼貌用语的习惯
    Respectful language if you please! 请说礼貌用语!
    Tag questions are a form of polite speech. 反意疑问句是一种礼貌用语.
    a courtesy title 礼貌称呼
    insist on  坚持
    If I can not insist on learning English five days a week, willing to pay susan teacher $2.
    保鲜膜:food wrap, cling film.
    烘干机:laundry drier
    酱油:soy sauce.
    味精:monosodium glutamate; gourmet powder.
    Don't use pickled beetroot, but buy it uncooked and cook it yourself.
    Leave to marinade for 24 hours.
    1. A bartender is a person who formulates and serves alcoholic or soft drink beverages behind the bar, usually in a licensed establishment.
    2. mixer. “The cocktails, our mixers'masterpieces, are pleasant to the palate.”
    搭讪:accost, chat sb up.
    She was accosted in the street by a complete stranger. 
    I wouldn't try chatting her up if I were you. 
    阳台: balcony;veranda verandah; terrace;
    porch: A covered shelter projecting in front of the entrance of a building.
    ceramic tiles
    latex paint
    emulsion paint
    祖籍 original family home; ancestral home
    to have Scottish ancestry 祖籍苏格兰
    She is of German descent. 她祖籍是德国.
    She is Hungarian by descent. 她祖籍是匈牙利.
    Bully! Hooligan! Beast! Let me go, let go!  混蛋!流氓!王八蛋!放开我,放开!
    Oh, what have you done, you wretch!  噢,你都干了些什么,你这个混蛋!
    Have some respect for me, you scamp! 对我尊重点,你这个小混蛋!
    plural marriage
    偶尔。once in a while; occasionally; between times; every once in a while; now and then ;
    triviality /ˌtrivēˈalədē/. "fussiness about trivialities."
    My life, I call the shots! 我的生活我做主
    天文望远镜 astronomical telescope
    morning glory 牵牛花
    The fence in the garden is covered with intertwining morning glory.


    定期存款:time deposit; [经] fixed deposit; non-liquid form of deposit; term deposit.
    外汇理财产品:foreign exchange management products
    理财产品:financing product, financial product
    稳健理财产品:Prudent financial management products
    房东:landlord. 租客:renter, tenant.
    贷款利率: [经] lending rate; loan rate; loaning rate; price of money
    月供: monthly mortgage payment;
    The current mortgage repayment methods are equal principal and principal and interest equal two.当前房贷还款方式主要有等额本金和等额本息两种.




    急停。stutter stop, sudden stop.
    cc acb acs acg cl alb ldrexc als dtm 这9种educational achievement ~ 在一个头马年度(如 2017.7.-2018.6.30)完成3项或以上,获得 triple crown 荣誉称号~ 类似于足球场上的“帽子戏法”

    Good sentences

    Life is about lifelong learning.

    I'd offer to buy everyone who had audio problems a cup of coffee. But I'd go broke.

    When the dust settles, here's how the situation appears...

    Love is when you sit beside someone doing nothing yet you feel perfectly happy. 爱就是当你坐在他身边,哪怕什么都不做,也会感觉很开心。

    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." — Will Durant

    Nietzsche 尼采

    Nietzsche [ˈni:tʃə].

    A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything。 在疯人院随便逛一下你就能了解,信仰什么也证明不了。
    That which does not kill us makes us stronger。 但凡不能杀死你的,最终都会使你更强大。


    古英语和德语一样,都属于西日耳曼语支,由居住在现今德国、荷兰、丹麦等地境内的日耳曼部落(主要是盎格鲁和撒克逊两支)带到不列颠岛上。这是公园五世纪左右,罗马帝国不再能够控制不列颠地区时的事情。这些日耳曼移民赶走并同化当地人(他们说凯尔特语及简化拉丁语),也让古英语成为现今英格兰地区的主要语言。古英语的语法和德语很接近。 后来的几百年间,操持古诺斯语[1]——冰岛语、挪威语的祖先,属于北日耳曼语支——的北欧人侵袭、移民不列颠,也改造(主要是简化了)古英语的语法。 公元十一世纪,来自大陆的征服者,诺曼底人由威廉公爵带领入侵不列颠,也带来了他们的语言,诺曼语。诺曼语算是古法语的北部方言,也就是说,它属于罗曼语族。英语逐渐受到法语的影响(主要是词汇、词法和拼写方面),演变成中古英语。英语拼写和念法不同的陋习,就是那个时候留下来的。 十五世纪,中古英语发生了一次称作“元音推移”[2]的变化,原因不详,可能是因为黑死病及其后来的人口迁徙。从此之后英语又增添了一个元音有多种读音可能性的恶趣味。从此中古英语变为现代英语。
    德语的变化相比之下比较缓慢,因为德语区的居民内战外战虽多,却从未被操持外国语的入侵者征服过。古德语可以分为低地、中地、高地三种,按此次序分布于北海到阿尔卑斯山之间的日尔曼人社会。古低地德语和古英语很接近,渐渐过渡到差别比较大的古高地德语上(故而西日尔曼语支是个所谓的「方言连续体」)。大约在公元三到五世纪之间,日尔曼语开始第二次辅音推移,主要发生在古高地德语上,低地德语和古英语几乎没有受到影响。这个变化直到十世纪左右才结束,推移比较明显的种高地德语进一步演化,在十五世纪由马丁·路德的德文版圣经定型,成为早期新高等德语,逐渐压倒拉丁语和法语,变作德语区的通行语言。后来的标准德语也就是依据于此。比较传统的德语词汇实际上自成体系,本版同文提及的 Krankenhaus 一例,其他语言均来自拉丁语「hospes」,本意是「陌生人」,唯有德语是 病+房 两词合成。但是,现代德语,尤其是二战之后,受到英语冲击很大。大量法语、意大利语词也渗入德国日常生活中,比如法语 Orange 一词,几乎已经没有德国人知道它的德语本名—— Apfelsine,「中国苹果」;银行借记帐户也是 Girokonto ,一个道地意大利词。
    现代法语由古代所谓高卢-罗曼语的北部分支演进而来。公元前一世纪罗马帝国即已征服高卢,也就是如今法国、比利时、卢森堡,大部分瑞士,小部分荷兰,还有德国位于莱茵河西岸的地区,这里的原住民也都曾是塞尔特人。(回顾前文不列颠受到日耳曼人入侵之前的历史——那其实是这场高卢征服战的一部分结果:罗马人消灭了高卢地区的凯尔特原住民,害怕不列颠岛上的凯尔特人反击,就渡过海峡入侵不列颠,但只能控制其南部地区。)罗马人带来的拉丁口语,混合很少一部分当地的塞尔特语,形成高卢-罗曼语。这种语言演化出三个明显的方言分支—— oïl 分支、òc 分支、sí 分支,得名于它们回答“是的,没错”所使用的词:oïl 分支源自拉丁语 hoc illud(这个)、òc 分支源自拉丁语 hoc (这)、sí 分支源自拉丁语 sic (如是)。其中 oïl 分支主要分布在高卢北部,òc 南部,sí 在接近意大利的部分。公元五世纪,在盎格鲁人入侵不列颠的时候,同属日耳曼部落的法兰克人从如今的荷比卢地区崛起,向高卢地区扩张,建立了法兰克帝国。他们说的是古法兰克语,属于西日耳曼语支,如今已经消亡。但是这种语言,连同莱茵河东岸的阿雷曼语一起,对于高卢-罗曼语,尤其是北部的 oïl 分支,产生了巨大的影响,形成了古法语。“法语”这个名字,也就脱胎于“法兰克人的语言”。时至今日,德语里称法国为“法兰克帝国”,法语称德国为“阿雷曼尼亚”,也都是此时开始的事情。这一时期的古法语涌入大量日耳曼语的词汇和语法特征。与此同时,北欧维京人冲击法国北部的诺曼底地区,并在那里定居下来,将一部分北日耳曼语带到古法语的北部方言之中,几百年后又将这种方言带到不列颠。
    法兰克人最伟大的皇帝查理曼建立了一统中西欧洲的帝国,帝国分裂后,西法兰克王国就是现代法国的前身。Oïl 分支的古法语诸方言里有一支在此后时间里逐渐获得优势,在法国北部取代了拉丁语的官方地位,称为中古法语。通行西法兰克南部的加泰隆尼亚、普罗旺斯、图卢兹等地区的 òc 分支——奥克语——也在此后被中古法语所影响。中古法语已经完全失去拉丁语的名词变格特征,所以成为一种分析语(依赖于句子中各成分的位置来获得语义),复数变化也简单了许多,这些都和现代法语一样;但中古法语仍旧保留了一些和德语相似的日耳曼语特征,比如动词要尽量成为句子的第二个成分。此外中古法语从拉丁语和意大利语中引入了许多词汇。到十六世纪,法语被佛朗索瓦一世定为官方语言,法国开始文艺复兴。这段时间到十八世纪末的法语有时也称做“古典法语”,但它与现代法语已经相差不大了。