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unlocking Special Lead Features.



Auto			The engine will try to automatically select the most suitable recognition module for the zone. This will be determined just before recognition, according to the zone's filling method (NativeOcrZone.FillMethod) and, if necessary, other settings, most typically the character set.
OmniFontMText			M/TEXT omnifont recognition module. Only images with the following resolution ranges are supported: 90-110, 160-240, 280-320, 400 and 600. This module does not process images larger than 6600 pixels in either width or height.
OmniFontMor			Multi-lingual MOR omnifont recognition module.
DotMatrix			DOT 9-pin draft dot-matrix recognition module.
Omr			OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) module.
IcrNumeral			Hand-printed numeral recognition module.
IcrCharacter			Hand-printed character recognition module.
MatrixMatching			MAT matrix matching recognition module.
OmniFontPlus2WayVoting			Omni Font 2-way voting module.
OmniFontFireWorx			Omni Font FireWorx module.
OmniFontPlus3WayVoting			Omni Font 3-way voting module.
Asian			Asian characters recognition module. 

The PLUS2WAY voting module combines the results from the MOR and MTX modules.

The PLUS3WAY voting module combines the results from the MOR, MTX and FRX modules.


About module history, here is the letter from LeadTools' kind support:

Hello CF,

Let me give you some history on the OCR engines.

Up to a certain version we only carried one OCR engine.  The engine was the Omnipage engine from ScanSoft.  We integrated it in our tools and resold it as part of our tools. 

To gain more flexibility in our pricing we then developed our own OCR engine and named it the Advantage Engine.  Also during this time, ScanSoft was acquire by Nuance and the OmniPage engine was updated to a newer version by Nuance.

By version 16.5 we had three engines in our tool kit, the Legacy OmniPage (dubbed “Plus” engine,) the newer OmniPage engine, (dubbed “Professional” engine,) and our own engine (dubbed “Advantage” engine.) 

The engine I believe you are using from version 16 is most likely the Legacy OmniPage engine. 

In version 19 we have since dropped support for the legacy engine and now just have the Advantage and the Professional.

The Professional engine would be most comparable to the legacy engine you used before and the same modules still exist within the Professional engine.  You can find them here.

The Professional engine now has support for x64 in version 19.

One thing to mention.  There was an issue with setting the native zone information for the Professional engine that we have since fixed.  However, I’m not sure if the fixed library is in the evaluation installer.

Please check the Leadtools.Forms.Ocr.Professional.dll file version and if it is less than, you will need to update that file in order to use the same Recognition Modules. 

I can provide that updated file to if necessary, however, please also let me know the .NET Framework you need as well as bitness.