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suseCon2014: TUT7986 - Managing SELinux in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.

##### Enable selinux on SUSE

zypper in selinux-tools selinux-policy

# Examine what need to do to enable SELinux

# Add "security=selinux selinux=1" to the kernel boot parameters and don't forget to update grub using "grub2-mkconfig /boot/grub2/grub.cfg"

pam-config –a --selinux

# reboot

# Relabel the entire filesystem:
restorecon –R /

# Start the auditing service for messages in /var/log/audit/audit.log
systemctl start auditd
systemctl enable auditd

# reboot

# Verify current status

VS AppArmor

wikipedia: AppArmor.

AppArmor ("Application Armour") is a Linux kernel security module that allows the system administrator to restrict programs' capabilities with per-program profiles.
It was included in the mainline Linux kernel since version 2.6.36.

AppArmor is offered in part as an alternative to SELinux. SELinux requires a filesystem that supports "security labels", and thus cannot provide access control for files mounted via NFS. AppArmor is filesystem-agnostic.