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  f		Follow link.
  g		find-url. Goto URL in current buffer.
  B		go-back.
  F		go-forward.
  r		revert-buffer. Reload.

  C-h i		help-page.
  C-h t		tutorial.
  C-h b		bindings.
  M-x print-buffer	Generate a PDF.

  C-u f		Follow the link in new buffer.
  C-u g		Goto URL in a new buffer.
  M-p		Previous buffer.
  M-n		Next buffer.

  C-u C-u g		Open an URL in a new frame.

Copy and paste

Ref. In conkeror, the keyboard only method is first to i-Search for the text you want to copy. Once you see the light grey highlight over the first part of what you'd like to select, press Return. You may then use the following keybindings to select text:

C-B: one char back, C-F: one char forward,  M-B: one word back, M-F: one word forward.
C-P: back one line, C-N: forward one line,  S-down: forward one line.




  1. Obtain xulrunner from Mozilla ftp.
  2. Git clone conkeror.

xulrunner /path/to/conkeror/application.ini

exec xulrunner /path/to/conkeror/application.ini "$@"