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  • Sep, 2001 ~ Sep, 2005
    Biological School, Wuhan University, Bachelor Degree in biological science.
  • Sep, 2006 ~ Dec, 2012
    Partner Institute for Computational Biology, Shanghai Institute of Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ph.D in computational biology.


  • Sep, 2009 ~ Jan, 2010
    PART-TIME. Website builder and maintainer for the academic conference ICMSB'2009 (Find me on the contact page).
  • 2010 ~ 2011
    PART-TIME. Website builder and maintainer for the chemogen lab.
  • Dec, 2012 ~ Now
    United Imaging Healthcare, LTD. Image analysis engineer (algorithm).


  • Chinese(mother language)
  • English, CET-6 level. Fluent reader and writer, could also speak.

Computer skills:

  • Have been working for a long time with - C++, Matlab, DOS/Linux shell script.
  • Part-time website building with - HTML/CSS/Javascript, JSP, SQL.
  • Experience with version control - SVN/CVS/Git(favorate), visual studio TFS.
  • Experience with libraries and tools such as Qt, ITK, Doxygen, Cmake, etc.
  • Favorate text editor - Emacs.
  • Familiar with Linux (Debian, Ubuntu) /Windows/MacOS Environment.

Music(R&B), Dance(Hiphop), Football, Swimming, Volleyball and some other sports.


  • Email: owen263 AT gmail.com (To fight spam spider.)
  • Skype: owen_263

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